Aroldis Chapman Hits 105MPH Again, This Time in the Big Leagues

This just in: Aroldis Chapman throws hard.  There have been plenty of stories about the Cincinnati Reds’ freak of nature blowing up radar guns and throwing upwards of 100mph.  Back in march, we heard that Chapman regularly hit 102mph on the gun.  Impressive?  Yes, but guys like Joel Zumaya and Daniel Bard have been there and done that.  Then we heard he hit 105mph during a Triple-A game.  That’s insanely fast and would have qualified for the fastest pitch ever recorded if it were thrown during a big league game.  Everyone knows those minor league guns are juiced though, right?

Apparently that’s not the case.  Aroldis Chapman hit 105mph again, this time against the San Diego Padres on Friday night, to give him the record for the fastest pitch ever thrown in a Major League Game.  The previous record was 104.8mph, held by Joel Zumaya.  Chapman’s pitch was actually a 105.1 mph fastball. 

If this kid’s arm doesn’t fall off, I’ll be shocked.

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  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    How the heck does he throw 105??? How can the hitters even touch that?

  • http://twitter.com/DodgersKings323 Richard Hernandez

    The hitters say they can barely see it….much less try to touch it…

  • lildoc

    Alll i can say is “”” is this guy faster then   Steve Dalkowski as he was so fast when he threw the fast ball out from his glove to the catcher back in his pitching days……..

  • lildoc

    is he faster then Ryan Durham was back when he was pitching for the yakees back in the 60!s that is?