Barry Bonds Visited Bryan Stow in Hospital

We’ve done so much Barry Bonds bashing over the years here at LBS, it’s only fair to point out when the seemingly heartless man actually does something positive. NBC Bay Area reported Wednesday afternoon that Bonds actually visited Bryan Stow in the hospital. Stow you’ll recall is the Giants fan who was attacked by savage Dodger fans on Opening Day and ended up in a medically-induced coma because of his injuries.

The spokeswoman for Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center, Rosa Saca, said Bonds came to the hospital last Friday and met with the family. NBC Bay Area reported that “Bonds also spent an hour in Stow’s room and left a signed baseball bat for Stow’s children.”

We had heard that Bonds has mellowed since retiring and actually become a much nicer person. This report would confirm that, and it certainly is a commendable gesture by Bonds. And while we’re on the subject of Barry’s compassion, he actually wasn’t that rude on his voicemails to Kimberly Bell as the courts would have you believe. Maybe he’s not so bad these days after all.

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  • Anonymous

    He’s off the juice and wants to make it to the HOF. Bonds only has one at-bat left: “Be nice!”

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MOWSRXHCKKVUZZRAAAWMQ4P2A4 Gail

    I dont know Barry Bonds, Like many of the Giants fans we believe what we want just from the hear say. I for one who likes to believe in the good of a person. Yes I would vote for him for the HOF because you have to have the swing in the first place.

  • Anonymous

    Everyone can say what they want about Barry. He was a baller. You still have to swing the bat and make contact. As far as his head getting bigger. You show me someone head that did not get bigger the older he or she got and I will show you a person that did not develope. He was never convicted and never came up positive on a urine test while playing. The public is still not satisfied and want to hang this guy out. Give me a f_ _ _ _ _ _ break. Mark Mcguire has a batting coach job or had a batting coach job with the Cardinals and you guys left him alone after he lied and was found to be lying. This guy has not be found guilty of anything and no positive test. Please get a life. I am voting for him everyday.  Thanks for the memories and know that you have a lot of supporters.