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Saturday, April 21, 2018

BJ Upton loses wallet, gets it back after fan contacts him over Twitter

Sunday really was B.J. Upton’s day. The Rays center fielder went nuts with three home runs against the Rangers, and then his lost wallet was returned after a fan contacted him over Twitter.

A man named Brent Sutton happened to find Upton’s wallet and reached out to the center fielder over Twitter to notify him:

Upton must have seen the tweet and figured things out because he later summarized what took place:

After the fan generously reached out to him and returned the wallet, Upton wasn’t about to let him go empty-handed. He gave Sutton a bat as a thank you:

After receiving the gift, the fan called Upton a “super nice guy and a monster on the diamond.”

Twitter: good for more than just athlete meltdowns and getting players suspended.

H/T Richard Deitsch

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