Bryce Harper snaps at reporter: ‘Do I look overanxious?’

Bryce Harper’s postseason debut has not gone as well as he would like, but the Nationals are heading back home for three game with their NLDS series against the Cardinals knotted at 1-1. After lighting up the Cardinals in the regular season with a .429 average, Harper is 1-for-10 with six strikeouts against them through the first two games of the series. When a reporter implied that nerves are the problem, Harper was not happy.

“Do I look overanxious?” he asked.” Do you think so?”

“Yes,” the reporter answered.

“Yeah, maybe you should be the hitting coach,” Harper snapped back.

As Dan Steinberg of D.C. Sports Bog pointed out, the reporter was identified as Rick Hummel from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. After he was clearly frustrated, Harper did a good job of going right back to answering questions in a friendly manner. Perhaps nerves are getting the best of young Bryce, but you would think reporters would know by now to keep their clown questions to themselves.

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  • sean601

    Harper is a Gigantic douchebag. 

  • insidehalf

    He’s also 19 years old and performing at a very high level most of the time among top seasoned professionals.  I wish him well, and I expect he only will improve.  He’s handled the pressure pretty well, from what I have observed.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/SNC7HAFBDKHW3I5YHAHHYGAMWM Mark

    Clown questions?? He’s a hall of fame baseball writer, maybe it’s the pompous, clown player? Or even it’s the clown who wrote this article….

  • http://donspoliticalblog.blogspot.com Don

     He’s a boy with behavior issues.  In the final game, after striking out badly, he grabbed his crouch and sneered at the opposition. 

    Your making excuses for him only makes it worse.  Yes, he has the making of a superstar but he also has the makings of a monster ala any number of Yankees or Ben Roethlisberger. 

    The Nats are in desperate need of veteran leadership on the team who have the will and credibility to teach the young players how to behave like a pro. 

    If young Bryce behaved that way on most teams the players would deal with it bringing him back down to earth and teaching him some respect and humility. 

    Quoting the Bible isn’t enough.

  • insidehalf

    Who quoted the Bible?  Calm down, Don.  In the great scheme of things, none of this is really very important.

  • http://donspoliticalblog.blogspot.com Don

     Bryce is very fond of tweeting Bible verses