Cubs Emotions Boil Over: Zambrano and Barrett Get into a Dugout Fight

I was utterly shocked — stunned and equally flabbergasted. There it was, clear as day. Right in the middle of the dugout. One of the worst on-field fights I’ve ever seen. Between a pair of teammates no less, not opponents. Check out my post at FanHouse for all the details. And man, is this the culmination of a crappy Cubs season or what?

What will this do for the team? I really thought they had a chance to get over the hump. Which way will this send the team, plummeting, or skyrocketing? Or nowhere — there bullpen’s too horrendous to overcome? But as they said in Major League, for the first time all year, the Cubs are showing some signs of life! And that my friends, is a good thing.

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  • JS

    Expect the Cubs to try to trade Barrett before the deadline. Maybe Zambrano, too.

    Barrett is a jerk and his mental errors on the bases and behind the plate don’t make up for his hitting abilities. Zambrano’s immature acts don’t hold up well with a >5.00 ERA.

  • http://www.pointguardu.com NICK

    i am waiting for the locker room footage!!