Fort Myers Miracle to Poke Fun at SEC with Fake Diploma Giveaway

Minor league baseball should be all about having fun, and the Fort Myers Miracle are no strangers to that.  Already known for their great promotions like the Jim Tressell “rest the vest” night and entertaining antics like punishing players with a pop star backpack, the Miracle have come up with another genius giveaway.

According to MinorLeagueBaseball.com’s Promo Preview page, the Miracle will be saluting the Southeast Conference on Wednesday night with a series of promotional giveaways.  Of course by saluting we mean completely patronizing the conference, but what’s the difference?

The celebration will include pregame tailgating, the Georgia Bulldog throwing out the first pitch, Tennessee whiskey available for purchase, and cowbells in honor of the University of Mississippi.  Best of all, fake diplomas will be handed out to mock the notoriously easy educational requirements SEC schools are known for.

Since the Miracle are located in SEC country themselves, it’s all in good fun.  Who am I kidding? It would all be in good fun anyway.

H/T to Sports by Brooks Live for the story

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  • http://www.facebook.com/skyler.holcomb Skyler Holcomb

    let’s enroll every one of them at the University of Georgia Biological Sciences department and see how many graduate and get accepted to Dental/Medical school…They clearly have never stepped foot inside a university level class room, let alone an SEC university class room.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nathaniel-Seth-McDaniel/1086446387 Nathaniel Seth McDaniel

    That’s weird, I thought Georgia and Florida were BOTH Southern IVY LEAGUE institutions. Oh yes—they are! What a bunch of imbeciles.