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Monday, April 23, 2018

Hanley Ramirez now says ‘Third base with the Marlins forever baby’

Until the season is underway, we have no way of knowing how Hanley Ramirez truly feels about playing third base for the Marlins. Jose Reyes is the team’s shortstop and Hanley can either deal with that or put up a stink. At the end of the day, it will be up to him. As for whether or not he’s on board with it, opinions have varied throughout the offseason. Earlier this week, Ozzie Guillen said Ramirez was not 100 percent on board with the move but would be by opening day. Franklin Mirabal, a writer for the Dominican Newspaper Hoy, then wrote a piece about how Hanley’s relationship with Reyes would inevitably be strained by the situation. Ramirez responded to the article with a series of tweets on Friday, which the Sun Sentinel translated.

“Folks, via this medium I want to let everyone know that what came out in the newspaper Hoy about me, the team and Guillen is a lie,” Ramirez wrote.

“And now what are you going to talk about if the whole world knows I’m going to play third base with the Marlins?” he added in a separate tweet. “Trying to soil my image with lies. Third base with the Marlins forever baby.”

Hanley then tweeted the photo you see above of him and Reyes hanging out at a golf course. At the moment, all is well. It’s fun to speculate about the situation getting ugly, but it’s tough to argue with, “Third base with the Marlins forever baby.” For now, Ramirez and Reyes appear to be looking forward to holding down the left side of the Marlins’ infield. Whether you believe Hanley or not, his Wednesday tweets should close the discussion — at least until the season begins.

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