If Elected to the Hall of Fame, Johnny Damon Would Like to Go as a Royal

Johnny Damon is the perfect example of a player who will be on the bubble for Hall of Fame voting.  If someone told you he got into the Hall of Fame, you probably would not be surprised.  If he were left out, that likely wouldn’t shock you either.  In the event that Damon does become a Hall of Famer, he would have a tough decision to make regarding what uniform to wear.

Now in his 17th season as a Major Leaguer, Damon is playing for his sixth different ball club.  He has a career batting average of .287, has stolen nearly 400 bases, belted over 200 homers, has more than 1,000 RBI, and is 331 hits shy of 3,000.  Aside from the actual numbers, Damon has won a World Series with arguably the two most storied franchises in baseball history — the Red Sox and Yankees.  Having spent four years in the prime of his career with Boston and New York, one would think his decision would come down to which superpower he would want to be forever associated with.  Not so fast.

According to Royals Review via Hardball Talk, Damon would like to enter the Hall of Fame — if chosen — as a member of the storied Kansas City Royals.

“Well, it’s a tough decision,” he explained. “Four years in Boston, four years in New York, five and a half years in Kansas City. And if you go by the numbers, that’s where my best years were. So if they’d have me…”

As Hardball Talk pointed out, it’s possible Damon was just trying to avoid starting a debate between Red Sox and Yankee Nation when he is far from a lock for the Hall to begin with.  As for whether or not he’s serious: use your head.  Do you really think he would ignore the fact that he won a World Series ring with the two teams every kid dreams of playing for? Not a chance.

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  • Gene

    Unless they have recently changed the rules, it is not the player’s option to pick which team uniform he wears.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks, Gene.  I tweaked the headline a little bit because technically you’re right.  However, the Hall “takes the players wishes into consideration” when figuring out which cap they should wear, so unless there’s funny business suspected (compensation from teams) I doubt they would really bust balls.  At the end of the day it pretty much is the player’s choice.

  • Gene

    Thanks for the clarification.  I remember this discussion with regard to Roger Clemens, although it may be a moot point now.

  • Anonymous

    Johnny Damon is not a HOF’er.  He’s a stat compiler.  Good, certainly not great.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Isn’t that what the Hall of Fame is about?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Matthew-Case/100002503220839 Matthew Case

    I don’t know that he isn’t.  Sometimes its guys with really long above average careers that get in to the HOF. If he can get to 3000 hits without his other numbers taking a nosedive I’d say he gets in. Note that there are only two players who aren’t in the HOF with 3k hits: Pete Rose and Rafael Palmiero, so unless Damon gets caught up in a steroids scandal or gambles on games he’s a lock. 

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think he’ll get to 3000 hits.  If he does, he’ll  get in to the HOF.  Otherwise, he’ll be with Dave Parker, Doc Cramer, Al Oliver and a few others.  My qualifications for the HOF are much more strict.