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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Jonathan Papelbon Crossdresses in High School Dirty Dancing Rendition

Jonathan Papelbon is notorious for his strong dancing skills. Remember the Irish jig he performed last year in the playoffs? That was a classic. And right there next to the Irish jig was Papelbon’s Milli Vanilli Remix he did with Manny Delcarmen. Even though we already knew that Papelbon was quite the free thinker who holds back no punches, I never expected to see this video emerge. Ladies and gentlemen, brace yourself for the awesomeness of Jonathan Papelbon dressing up like a girl and doing the Dirty Dancing routine:

I really have to give Paps credit for how well he took the video — he was a really good sport about it. And in case you’re wondering how the video got out, Papelbon’s mother actually sent it in to that TV show. No wonder he wants a word with her. Man, looked like nobody enjoyed that video as much as Big Papi, either. He was cracking up like a mad man.

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