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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Justin Verlander wants to hit in the Home Run Derby

Justin Verlander wants in on the Home Run Derby at the MLB All-Star Game, and the Detroit Tigers ace is trying to launch a write-in campaign to get himself in the event.

The whole thing started when a fan tweeted to Verlander on Friday telling him she voted for the pitcher to participate in the Derby:

Verlander loved the idea and began encouraging his Twitter followers to vote for him as a write-in candidate for the Derby.

He even changed his Twitter avatar to a photo of him batting:

Justin Verlander batting

All Home Run Derby participants get to select whom they want pitching to them in the competition. Apparently former MLB player and current MLB Network personality Kevin Millar was campaigning for the spot. But the best tweet of all came from Kansas City Royals starter Jeremy Guthrie, who believes he would be the best candidate for the job:

Guthrie leads MLB with 15 home runs allowed this season. He continued to poke fun at himself, saying, “If you haven’t noticed, I do not discriminate. I’ll give em up in any park.”

Man, that would be something. Verlander in the Home Run Derby with Jeremy Guthrie throwing to him. I’d watch that.

H/T Reddit/r/Baseball

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