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Monday, April 23, 2018

Logan Morrison Attacked by Praying Mantis (Video)

Somebody needs to explain the concept of messing with the bull and getting the horns to Logan Morrison.  If someone was staring you down wouldn’t you go after them?  You don’t just walk around looking at people and expect them not to get pissed off.  That’s not how the world works.  Recent history already told us Morrison was a pretty weird guy, but he should know better than to stare a dangerous insect in the eye.  Check out this video of a praying mantis attacking Logan Morrison on Tuesday night, courtesy of SI Hot Clicks:

What did you expect, bro?  Have you not heard the rumors that female praying mantises (manti?) bite their male counterparts’ heads off while they’re doing the dirty?  That’s the last time he’ll walk around the dugout acting tough.

For the record: Yes, I ignored the announcer’s ridiculous laugh on purpose. Didn’t even feel like getting into it.

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