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Sunday, May 27, 2018

No, Derek Jeter Is Not Interested in the Houston Astros

Oh boy, it’s been a rough week for the fellas over at Thirty Mile Zone. Despite their tabloid nature, it’s been proven that TMZ’s stories actually have remarkable accuracy, including this report on Floyd Mayweather Jr. Monday. This week however has been an entirely different story.

First they said Tony Parker filed for divorce from Eva Longoria but then they somewhat backed down from their report. I still think something is up because if the story weren’t true, Longoria’s publicist would call the report “totally false” instead of saying we had to check with his reps.

The next example of shoddy journalism came with a strong drop of sensationalism. A post titled “Derek Jeter Shows Interest in Houston Astros” was posted on TMZ’s site Tuesday complete with “Hey look at me” gasp! exclusive video. Any baseball fan knows Jeter is a lifelong Yankee, so there’s natural curiosity anytime Jeter is mentioned in association with another team. Turns out, that headline was pulled out of a grab bag of words and has zero reflection of reality.

In the pointless video, a cameraman who is wearing an Astros hat catches Jeter walking through a hotel lobby. The camera moron says “Hey Jeets man, free agent bro, how are we going to get you on the Dodgers?” Jeter is obviously perplexed why someone wearing an Astros hat is so interested in getting him on the Dodgers so he points that out saying “You got a Houston hat on.”

Got it? So in TMZ’s world, all it takes is Jeter to point out that someone is wearing an Astros hat to qualify as having interest in the team. Yeah, they may have gotten me to click on the story that time, but I’ve learned my lesson. Next time they’d be better off rearranging magnets on their office fridge to come up with a story’s title. It wouldn’t be much different from how they do it now.

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