Nyjer Morgan Calls Albert Pujols ‘She’ and ‘Alberta’ on Twitter

Nyjer Morgan is a wanted man in St. Louis following his antics on Wednesday evening against the Cardinals. The Brewers center fielder punched out to start the ninth against Chris Carpenter. He appeared to cuss at Carp and then escalated matters by chucking a wad of tobacco towards the mound. Albert Pujols came barreling in from first base, but Morgan was restrained by the umpire and Prince Fielder. The incident turned out to be nothing, but the Cardinals did win 2-0 to take two of three in the series. Then the real fireworks began.

Morgan called Albert Pujols out on his Tony Plush Twitter account after the game.

It’s pretty clear that Morgan is just hyping things up. He is an intense dude who plays with an edge during games, but for the most part he doesn’t mean any harm. Still, I wouldn’t be surprised if he took one in the ear the next time he faced St. Louis. Remember what happened the last time someone called out the Cardinals? It’s not all fun and games when your best player is being called a female.

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  • Anonymous

    Well considering Albert is 3 inches taller and 55 pounds heavier, I’m going pick Pujols in a fight.

  • dutchmasters dutchmasters

    “but the Cardinals did win 2-0 to avoid the sweep” … the Cardinals won this series, they only lost the first game on Monday.

  • http://www.facebook.com/adolfo.nouel Adolfo Mendez Nouel

    I think Nyjer should go back to school and learn how to write. Somebody!!!!Please teach this ding dong some grammar

  • Anonymous

    Dude sure does act like a nyger.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Alex-Kimble/546996549 Alex Kimble

    Brewers are still 9 and a half games ahead of the Cardinals… And what’s the deal with Pujols running after T Plush. No reason to do so.  I’m sure if someone cam after you, you would be pissed too. Chris Carpenter is a PUSSY. La Russa has an metal bat up his ass 24/7. the question is: “How could you possibly like the Cardinals?” Everyone of their players is either a prick or an asshole. Cardinal fans need to go to hell.

  • rcwelliver

    He’s hitting around .300, but he’s the definition of the hollow .300.  Poor OBP, pathetic slugging pct. He steals a few bases and gets thrown out a lot. Self-promotion only works if you’re good, and he’s not that good. Also, he dishes but can’t take. Forgettable.

  • Anonymous

    Get real Alex…..if you had half a wit about you, you would realize the guy is a walking time bomb……the Cardinal players responded respectfully to questions stating he was a good player with talent….he talked like an idiot after the game the night before in his interview with Fox Sports….would you really want your child to look up to him…..choose someone else from the Brewers…the rest of the team are nice men……Nyger is the spoiler of the team.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gabstah-Stefana-LoBianco/100002307777486 Gabstah Stefana LoBianco

    So funny that this is the only way Nyger will make headlines. Maybe he should focus on the game more than trash talking a future hall of famer.

  • bretcros@hotmail.com CROS

    It’s amazing when you have no talent you lash out like a lil girl NYGER

  • Anonymous

    I would rather listen to Hugo Chavez talk about Venezuelan civil rights than listen to Nyjer Morgan runs his mouth.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1595934752 Meech Lynn

    This in one of those guys who doesn’t care about being a role model I suppose. Then what is his idea of “giving back” if not to present himself as an adult who can spell and demonstrate good sportsmanship?

    It’s not really that much to ask…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_OHBN4JTTQO2KVTFFBIJK4OYIQ4 Sergio Sandoval

    Albert ignores the minor leaguer. MLB fines the minor leaguer $25K. Problem solved.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1595934752 Meech Lynn

    I just hope Pujols replies with deafening silence, further emphasizing just how much more of a man he is than this chump. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/Spock7 Jim Vulcan

    What a dipshit…Albert couldn’t be bothered…

  • Daniel Broad

    Hey put it to rest, the world knows that Morgan can’t carry Pujols’ jock.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe if Pujols would’ve stayed at 1st base like he was supposed to, no one would have anything to write about. Players bark all the time, and though he swung, D.J. Reyburn had an embarrassingly one-sided strike zone the entire game (which I’m assuming no one watched). Maybe Albert Pujols isn’t GOD, then again, neither is Nyger, but I can understand the frustration. Tony LaRussa is a whiny drunk that blows everything out of proportion, and that is where all of this stems from. Way to go after the little guy Alberta. Maybe next time man up and go after Fielder or Braun.

  • Anonymous

    This is just another example of a professional athlete who has no business playing baseball or any other sport where he can influence kids.      I watched the game last night and could not believe he is paid millions of dollars to act like a 2 year old.     Maybe someday baseball coaches and executives will start putting as much weigh on how they respect the game as they do on performance.     You struck out dud grow up.    

  • Anonymous

    you sound like.. an idiot.. cool thanks

  • Tom Richter

    We love u Tombstone!

  • Anonymous

    Stop acting like a Nyger — Morgan!!! You will never stack up to Albert Pujols or the Cardinals. After you lose the playoffs — come on over to St. Louis and polish our 10 World Series Trophies. You cn start with the one where we beat the Brewers in the Series. LOL!!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JFGWSM5JKRHK6EDBLLFH5C525Y Tyler

    Amen seems like everyone else on this page is just a whiny Cardinals fan just like the team they follow anything anyone does the Cardinals are there to whine about it ands it funny cause they think they are the best but as we obviously see this year and last year when the reds had first over them they cried about Brandon Phillips and now the Brewers are in first over them  they gotta cry about something for you Cardinals fans out there please grow up and stop crying when you dont get your way            signed- All of MLB

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JFGWSM5JKRHK6EDBLLFH5C525Y Tyler

    who uses ding dong? maybe you sholud go back to school and learn some better insults. thats sounds good