Phillies Fans Bust Out the Pat Burrell Hate

A day after giving pitcher Tim Lincecum the poster treatment, Phillies fans decided to break out with some Pat Burrell hate. Burrell of course was drafted by the Phillies and played there from 2000-2008. He left the off-season after they won the World Series in 2008 and signed with the Rays who cut him. The Giants picked him up mid-season and he’s played well for them. Now that he’s back in Philly for the NLCS, they wasted little time in welcoming him back in a way only Philly fans can:

By the way, the guy on the left is not calling Burrell a wife cheat; the “S” was covered up, implying that Burrell’s wife is the one who cheats. I’m sure that’s gotta be comforting to see on a sign.

When it comes to Phillies fans, that’s nothing. Check this, this, this, and this out to see what I mean.

Photo Credit: Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

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  • Anonymous

    Uhhh WOW….AND NOT IN A NICE WAY EITHER. I am a dedicated Giants fan and have been part of sports my entire life thru myself, family and children – I have never seen such an display of humiliation on Phillie fans. Shame on all of you and for those who sat around them – shame on you too. There is no excuse at all for that type of condonement. Sitting blindly and letting it happen is just as bad as holding the signs. IN SF and probably anywhere else – you would never find that. Way to go eastcoast and I have visited that side of the US (people were nice and considerate, but I guess in PA they are on a lower class of their own. My 3 year old great-nephew knows game etiquette better than those fools holding the signs – again shame on all of you. Idiots!