Rangers couple says they didn’t know they took foul ball from kid, wants apology

By now you have probably seen the video of that young Rangers fan crying hysterically after he failed to snag a ball that a player tossed into the stands earlier this week. Mitch Moreland threw the ball into the stands, it hit the ground, and a happy couple wound up with it. The boy, three-year-old Cameron Shores, was devastated. He soon forgot about the first ball when the team gave him another ball later in the game, and WFAA in Dallas has reported that he is thrilled with the ball he now has.

The couple who was has been vilified, however, is not happy. Sean Leonard and Shannon Moore are getting married this weekend. This should be one of the most exciting weeks of their lives, but instead they have seen their faces all over the news and been labeled horrible people. That is unfair, they say, since they had no idea that the young boy was upset.

“I love children, I would never hurt someone,” Moore said. “It’s very hurtful, especially when you know you wouldn’t intentionally hurt somebody or hurt their feelings. Especially when it’s a little-bitty toddler.”

“My fiance Shannon and I were honestly unaware of the situation of the little boy sitting next to us last night since we were so caught up in the excited and moment of being at our first Ranger’s baseball game together,” Leonard wrote in a statement.

In fact, the soon-to-be married couple wants an apology from Yankees announcer Michael Kay, who lambasted them during the YES broadcast on Wednesday night.

“I think (Michael Kay) owes us an apology,” Leonard said. “He took an event and sensationalized it, threw it out there, never checked or validated the facts.”

Kay wasn’t the only one. The entire internet — LBS included — has been roasting the couple all week. While it is possible that they were so overjoyed that they didn’t see the crying boy, it still looks pretty bad no matter how you look at it. Someone was able to spot the child from on the field and decided to give him a ball later in the game because of it, but somehow the couple sitting directly next to him knew nothing about it? Whether intentional or not, you can bet your you-know-what that Leonard and Moore will pay closer attention next time a foul ball comes their way.

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  • Anonymous

    Oh my gosh!!!  These people did not steal from this child.  They just caught/picked up a baseball in the excitement of the moment.  They did not pry it from the hands of the child.  Since when does a crying child always get what it wants.  Oh… I forgot, we are in the modern age of coddling.  Even if one thinks children should be coddled, why shouldn’t this couple give the ball to their own children when they get home.  Perhaps their child would be crying when they returned home without the ball, after having witnessed the give-away on TV.  Granted, the crying child is young and not to be blamed… but this incident isn’t going to help him grow up.

  • Dan Taylor

    hahaha this is hysterical. the way the news reporter goes, “the crying baby” is hilarious. stupid crying baby. snooze you lose, so quit cryin you big baby!

  • http://twitter.com/dueck27 Jason Dueck

    The unwritten rule if you catch a foul is give it to the closest kid or hot girl.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/JO3CSUZ5JUGJYUOKGLJRUBHWH4 Carmen Tourney

    I totally agree with the first commenter and came here to say exactly that. If this couple had kids or another young family member why should they not keep it themselves. The fact that that isn’t the case still doesn’t mean that some crying kid is “entitled” to it. What if another kid had caught it themselves and been a couple of years older. Should they have given it up too? While some would say yes, that the youngest child should have it, I think that that is the worst case of pandering to p.c bullying. The kid should learn that you don’t always win every time.