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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Rangers selling a two-foot, $26 hot dog that is meant for sharing (Picture)

Apparently creating massive food dishes is the thing to do this season across the baseball world. I know eating and ballgames go hand-in-hand, but for some reason it seems as though Man v. Food is inspiring minor league and Major League clubs all across the nation. The Rangers have made the latest contribution in the form of a two-foot hot dog that is priced at a reasonable $26. Check out this picture of the double foot-long that Darren Rovell shared with us:

According to Rovell’s tweet, the Rangers say the hot dog is meant for sharing. How on Earth does that justify charging $26 for it? From my experiences at Fenway Park — which is one of the most costly sports venues in the country — a hot dog typically costs somewhere between $4 and $6. So say a classic Fenway Frank is $5. I’m no math genius, but I believe if four Fenway Franks equal the length of this hot dog you’re still looking at only $2o. Instead of sharing a $26 hot dog (which nobody is going to do anyway) why not get two of your own? Personally, I’d rather spend my money on the Strasburger or the Moby Dick sandwich.

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