Ron Washington Used Coke Last Season

A relatively big bombshell in the world of baseball was dropped on Wednesday by SI writer Jon Heyman. Heyman reported that Rangers manager Ron Washington tested positive for cocaine use during the 2009 baseball season. Washington knew he screwed up and even gave the league and his team a heads up prior to the test, alerting them that the test would likely turn up positive. In that respect, Washington took responsibility for his mistake and likely saved his butt by doing so.

While I’m pleased that Washington met the issue head on, it’s still a major concern that a person in his leadership position, one who manages a former major addict like Josh Hamilton no less, snorted coke during the freaking season. Tony LaRussa falling asleep at the wheel while driving (sleeping?) drunk during spring training is bad enough and nothing short of unacceptable. Doing coke is worse, and doing it during the season is even more alarming.

Let’s damn well hope it was a one-time deal for Washington and that he learned you can’t screw around like that, especially when you’re supposed to be setting a strong example for your players. By the way, between the jheri curl, tinted glasses, and old school mustache, was there any question about Washington’s coke use? The dude probably swigs Crown Royal between innings too. Please leave your Josh Hamilton jokes in the comments. I’m sure there are many.

Rangers manager Ron Washington tested positive for cocaine last July [SI]

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  • Kevin/Indianapolis

    Back when Washington was playing for the Twins, I was at a game when a ball skipped off the grass at Tiger Stadium and hit him flush in the balls. It stopped the game for 10 minutes. Pretty funny.

    Just thought I’d mention it.

  • Gene

    It was good that Washington nutted up and faced the situation head on with no excuses, but if you think that was the only time he ever used cocaine then I have some Florida swampland you may want to purchase.

  • Ebliterate

    Lol funny comment^ . I just wanted to say crack is wack b4 some 1 else….welp my job here is done!

  • Sean

    I’ve always wondered why Ron was hanging out on the top step of the dugout all the time. He was probably fantasizing about a giant straw and the first base line.

    He’s probably the only manager in the league that didn’t mind his pitchers giving up a free base.

    *waa waaa!*

    “She don’t lie, she don’t lie, she don’t lie… cocaine…”

  • http://www.offthebag.com OTB.com

    This is absolutely ridiculous.

    I disagree that Washington’s coke use is worse than LaRussa’s OWI (coming from a Cardinals fan).

    Not to trivialize poor decisions like these, but LaRussa could have killed someone while Washington was only physically damaging himself.

    Either way it’s unacceptable and deserves bigger punishment than what LaRussa received.

  • Kevin/Indianapolis

    I have no sympathy for 57 year old drug users. Especially if they are making nearly a million a year. If he worked for me, he’d be toast.