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Monday, May 21, 2018

Russell Martin Paints His Nails Yellow (Picture)

For some reason I woke up today thinking someone’s man card was getting revoked. The weather sucks out here on the East Coast and I’ve been in a bad mood that needs to be taken out on someone, so it just seemed right.  Luckily we had SI Hot Clicks to point us in the direction of our punching bag: Russell Martin.

We all know catchers paint their nails sometimes so the pitchers can see their fingers more clearly during night games.  That’s fine, but do they really have to celebrate it?  Apparently Martin does.  Not only that, but does it have to be yellow?  What’s wrong with white?  Since we sharted on Ray Allen when his toes were painted green, we have to give Muscles Martin our due diligence. Check out the Russell Martin painted nails picture, which he proudly posted on his Twitter account Monday afternoon.

The only thing that would make that manicure better is if Pau Gasol’s man purse was accompanying it.  May I ask what’s wrong with putting white tape rings around your fingers instead of painting your nails?  Nothing, Steve — that’s what your answer should be.

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