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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Seth Meyers Makes Fun of Broke Dodgers During ESPYs Monologue

It’s official: the Los Angeles Dodgers are a national punchline. ESPYs host Seth Meyers spent a good chunk of his opening monologue ripping on the storied franchise for their financial troubles. Meyers mentioned All-Star outfielder Matt Kemp and that was his segue into the Dodgers’ issue. That’s when the fun started …

“By the way, I should point out that the proceeds to tonight’s show go to a very worthy charity … the Los Angeles Dodgers of America,” Meyers joked.

“Dodger outfielder Matt Kemp is here tonight. Frank McCourt told Matt Kemp ‘Have fun tonight’ and then added ‘If they have ketchup packets grab as many as you can. Because we have run out of ketchup. Dodger Stadium no longer has ketchup.'”

“The Dodgers are so broke when players steal bases, Frank McCourt asks that the players please return them. The Dodgers are so broke their third base coach is just a mirror reflecting the image of their first base coach. The Dodgers are so broke three of their players tested positive for Ramen noodles.”

All of the jokes were money, and Frank McCourt quite frankly deserves the ridicule. He’s been a horrible owner and MLB can’t seize the team soon enough in the eyes of many fans. I hope he’s made aware of the jokes so he understands what he’s done to the franchise. He no longer deserves to own the team.

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