Travis Snider has huge black eye after punch from Martin Maldonado

Travis Snider black eye Pirates

Travis Snider was sporting a big black eye on Monday, a day after he was ejected for his role in the bench-clearing brawl between his Pittsburgh Pirates and Milwaukee Brewers.

The brawl started when Pirates pitcher (and ex-UCLA Bruin) Gerrit Cole barked at Carlos Gomez for admiring what turned out to be a deep fly ball to center field that went off the wall for a triple instead of a home run.

Snider came off the Pirates’ bench and was the guy who got Gomez to the ground during the fight, but it looks like he took his lumps. Brewers catcher Martin Maldonado decked Snider with a pretty massive punch:

Snider was wearing sunglasses and they probably broke, because he was definitely bleeding afterwards:

You can see that he has a ring below his eye in the shape of the sunglasses:

Travis Snider black eye

He’ll probably get hit with a big suspension, but at least he looks like a tough guy for the women. I mean black eyes are hot, right?

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  • brandon

    Ahhh jeez…. people getting bent outta shape over the “unwritten rules” again. If you don’t want guys to bat flip you don’t throw fastballs right down the pipe. Same goes for batters, don’t show up the pitcher then get mad when he has a few choice words about it.

  • James Denny

    It wasn’t a fastball.

  • Dave Verbanac

    Cole was a douchebag for getting in Gomez’s face AND dropping an audible F-bomb for good measure. If he stays on the mound like he should have, that incident never happens and Snider isn’t looking like Joe Palooka today. If Cole had a problem with Gomez’s actions, then the answer is simple: make a better pitch. I’m not defending Gomez 100% however. He should absolutely serve a suspension for shoving the umpire and charging Cole. Maldonado is guilty as well, although he was doing what he should have, too: defending his teammate who was just thrown to the ground. If you ask me, Cole should have been run from the game as well for instigating the whole thing. I can tell you one thing though…we haven’t seen the last of this now heated rivalry between the Brewers and the Pirates. They WILL meet again later this year, and Cole and Snider had better be ready.

  • http://brewtalk.weebly.com/ Novak

    Lol – hanging slider is even worse.

  • Doodoooo15

    Don’t feel bad for him, he was going after the guy.

  • Azaria

    He had to back up the throw.

  • Dave Verbanac

    “Backing up the throw” does NOT require him to open his pie hole and bitch at Gomez. So what’s you NEXT excuse??

  • iammybrotherskeeper

    Pow pow pow snitch im bustin at em!!!! Haha bought time one of these dudes get hit. Baseball players think they hard. Can’t fight! !