A-Rod Angers Dallas Braden by Running Across Pitching Mound

A player on the field ripping A-Rod’s etiquette while running the bases? Where have I seen that story before? A’s pitcher Dallas Braden, who went six innings of two-run ball to beat the Yankees Thursday, made more noise for getting angry with Alex Rodriguez than he did by pitching well. Instead of explaining everything, why don’t you watch the Alex Rodriguez/Dallas Braden pitching mound video and see for yourself what happened:

Was it a careless move by A-Rod and poor form? Yes. Would he have done it in the ALCS with Josh Beckett on the hill? Probably not. This move shows that A-Rod’s attitude is casual only 15 games into the season and that he doesn’t give a crap about Dallas Braden or the A’s. Did Braden overreact with all his yelling? Probably, but as any pitcher will tell you, his mound is his mound and no base runner should ever disrespect it by running across it the way A-Rod did. I probably would have said something to A-Rod about it but I don’t know if I would have carried it as far as Braden did. Bottom line, A-Rod was in the wrong and Braden overreacted, but it wasn’t a gross mistake by Rodriguez. He should know better, however.

A’s P rips A-Rod’s ‘etiquette’ [AP/FOX Sports]

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  • Jimm

    “Would he have done it in the ALCS with Josh Beckett on the hill? Probably not.”

    No, he slapped the ball out of Arroyo’s glove.

  • http://n/a Sam

    There is no such “unwritten” rule in baseball about not walking on the mound during an inning. Braden just was a bit too territorial. Maybe if he pees on the mound to mark his territory next time, ARod will smell it and walk around it instead of on it? Just a thought :)

  • Eric

    Bradens just being a little bitch about it. A-Rod and the Yanks rock A’s suck

  • Sam is wrong

    Actually, there is an unwritten rule about walking onto a mound when the pitchers on it. I learned it early in high school, and carried it through College ball, even on the lowly D-II level.
    The mound is the pitchers territory.
    Just ask old-schoolers like Gibson.

  • Greg

    A-Rod is a tool and the Yanks suck

  • SpinMax

    I gotta side with Braden. Don’t care if it’s the best pitcher in the league or the worst, you don’t mess with the mound and rubber like that. If this were the Sox and Beckett in the regular season, there would have been a beaning and brawl.

  • dbag

    hey sam, it’s called baseball etiquette. have you ever played organized baseball before? try running over a pitcher’s mound and i guarantee you will get some stank eye or some yelps from the either the bench or the pitcher. i am indifferent when it comes to cheering for the a’s or yanks, but arod was made out to look like an classless, inconsiderate clown for running over braden’s mound. i will acknowledge though that a-rod is a great player overall and a particularly phenomenal hitter, but does not have the testicles or head to play the game professionally. he’s supposed to be a professional, and he’s pretty much the face of baseball. he should act the part. braden’s just a little boy trying to make his mark in the bigs, so his flipout was just as strategic as arod purposely trying to ruin braden’s tempo and comfort on the mound. but in the end, arod was the instigator – and his ploy didn’t even work.

  • iphonerulez

    Isn’t Braden kind of old to be having a hissy fit because somebody stepped on his dirt mound? I believe if he could focus some of his anger on his pitching ability he might have a better record than 17-21. Besides, instead of screaming like a little girl who got her skirt lifted, the next time A-Rod came to bat Braden should have just creamed him and laughed. Why take it out on a bunch of plastic cups that didn’t do anyone any harm? I know that animals scent mark things, but unless Braden peed on the mound, A-Rod would not know he was invading another animal’s territory. I’ve seen guys argue when one gets close to another’s woman, but I’ve never seen a guy yelling, “You’d better stay away from my mound, or else.” No wonder humans never get along with one another. I suppose now they’re going to have to put some sign down saying “No stepping on mound, except for pitcher.”

    Baseball “etiquette” for overpaid jocks that go around spitting, cursing and grabbing their groin at every opportunity. Jeez.

  • SpinMax

    Too bad this isn’t the NHL, I’d like to see Aroid after the whistle go skating across the crease behind the opposing goalie and see what transpires.

  • Brenz

    A-Rod might have been getting into his head but most likely he wasn’t thinking. Either way, Braden needs to cool down. Take it out on the mound. Strike him out! ARod looks silly..Braden a fool

  • Matt

    AROD is a piece of garbage. Even his teammates HATE him. Most regular fans don’t know this, but those in the know do. He is suck a prick that no one likes him. Much like Barry Bonds. A Rod and Jeter don’t even speak.

  • SpinMax

    Did he focus enough anger for you, iphonerulez?

  • JumboJim

    Kharma is gonna come back and bite Aroid…, and it looks like it might have started its revenge today with Braden’s perfect game. It’ll be interesting to see these two meet again.

  • sami

    first of all arod didnt do it on purpose.. like oh yeah lemme step on “his” mound to piss him off.. all the years ive been watching baseball ive never heard of such a thing. this is the most rediculous thing ive ever heard. in my opinion people just like to pick on arod… its getting redic.. Braden needs to chill and stop the drama.. grow up!

  • matt

    arod is dumb and should of never done it

  • Anonymous

    Read what David Wells had to say regarding the incident folks. The players spikes ruin the rubber of the pitchers mound. Fielders don’t go put spikes in the dirt. The kid is right.

  • Anonymous

    Yea A rod is dumb and should “have” never done it.

    Gotta love idiots that call some one else dumb and and have no clue about how stupid they look doing it.