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Monday, April 23, 2018

Allen Iverson’s wife wants a list of his sexual partners since they were married

When Allen Iverson and his estranged wife Tawanna split back in June of 2011, Tawanna told TMZ that their divorce had “nothing to do with another woman.” It appears she has changed her mind. The two have yet to finalize the divorce, so a settlement still needs to be reached. For whatever reason, Tawanna has now reportedly decided that she wants a list of all the women A.I. slept with while they were married.

But Tawanna has changed her tune and earlier this month filed documents requesting A.I. “give the name and telephone number of every person other than your spouse whom you have had sexual relations and/or intimate physical contact from the date of the marriage to the date of trial.”

It’s unclear why Tawanna is requesting the list … but it’s most likely a power play to make Iverson look bad … in an effort to push a favorable settlement as quickly as possible.

As TMZ mentioned, this has to be a ploy to make Iverson look bad so Tawanna gets a favorable ruling. Last summer, she said she was filing for divorce simply because “sometimes people grow apart.” Now all of a sudden she’s asking for The List. Perhaps Tawanna never knew about Iverson’s secret $35 million account and has decided she wants a piece of the pie. On a side note, how on earth would someone prove whether or not a person is telling the truth when they put together a list of their sexual partners?

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