Amare Stoudemire got teardrop tattoo in memory of his late brother Hazell (Picture)

Amar’e Stoudemire got a teardrop tattoo under his right eye to help remember his brother Hazell, who died last week.

Hazell died in a car crash in Florida last Monday when he ran into a tractor trailer at a high speed. Amar’e got the tattoo in honor of his big brother.

“The tear tattoo shows I’m still crying inside,” Stoudemire said Tuesday. “It’s hard to explain how close my brother was to me. He was my father figure and mentor and why I played basketball. He’s part of my success so I’m always crying inside.”

Amar’e missed four games after his brother’s death and returned to action for Tuesday’s win over the Raptors. He sent a tweet dedicating the win to his brother, while also including a picture of the teardrop tattoo:

Thanks to Cork Gaines for the picture

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