Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva Is the Best Detroit Could Do?

Not too long ago I was praising Joe Dumars for recognizing his team wasn’t good enough to beat the elite teams in the East and that he needed to change it up. What I didn’t envision was him using the available cash he freed up under the salary cap to spend on Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva. By most accounts, the Pistons have agreed on a five-year $55 million deal with Ben Gordon, and a five-year $35 or $40 million deal with Villanueva (there are differing reports).

Maybe it’s just because I’m not a Ben Gordon guy that I don’t like what Detroit’s doing, or maybe it’s because they spent $10 million a season on a sixth man who’s a gunner and not a ball-handler and doesn’t play much defense. Maybe it’s because I prefer Rip Hamilton and can’t envision them paying Gordon $10 mil per and telling him he’s coming off the bench meaning Rip’s probably gone. Now Villanueva’s a decent deal because he can score and board and he comes at a reasonable price as a Rasheed Wallace replacement. The thing I’m missing is the size issue. Where’s their inside presence? Don’t they need one? Maybe I should be patient to see what they add next year before I completely judge because this has to be a work in progress.

The Pistons coaching situation also needs to be determined. They took way too long to fire Michael Curry. It seemed pretty obvious that his decision-making skills were lacking when he kept Iverson in the starting lineup and brought Rip off the bench for as long as he did. I know they’re recruiting Avery Johnson and I like him as a coach, but I just can’t imagine the new personnel really buying into Avery’s defensive mindset. I don’t see that as a great fit. They need to get tougher inside and Dumars has to recognize that. At this point, they remain a non-factor in the East.

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  • JD

    Ben Gordan is a clutch shooter true he is a gunner and doesn’t play defense but he was the Bulls top scorer for the past 5 seasons. He will be missed in Chicago, kirk will not be able to man up and take big shots like BG. BG will excel in Detroit considering he nailed them on so many occasions. You must wait to see what happens. I hope the Bulls let him go in an attempt to get CB….

  • SpinMax

    When Detroit signed Billups in 2002 he had been on 5 different teams in 5 years and people figured that was a mistake.
    People said Tayshaun was too skinny and awkward to make it in the NBA.
    People thought Joe was crazy to trade Stackhouse for Rip
    Ben Wallace had done little, who would want him?
    Why would anyone want a disruption like Rasheed on their team?
    So many of Joe’s moves have been criticized and more often than not he’s done well.

    Maybe those who complained about the Billups for AI trade will realize it was actually Billups for Gordon/Villa which is ok. Rip WILL be moved for abig man…okafor, chandler, kaman, maybe Bosh if we’re lucky.

    Joe realized he wasn’t going to get Wade or Lebron next year, so why try? Take what you can get which are 24yr old good players and move on. Despite Darko, Joe deserves the benefit of the doubt here. He is one of the best when it comes to seeing something in guys that others don’t.