Chris Paul reportedly told Clippers he would go to Rockets if they didn’t get Doc

Chris Paul ClippersThe Los Angeles Clippers may have re-engaged the Boston Celtics in trade talks for Doc Rivers in June because of a threat from Chris Paul.

Writing at Grantland, ESPN’s Bill Simmons says the Clips went back to the negotiating table after initially turning down a deal with the Celtics because their all-star point guard threatened to leave for the Houston Rockets if they didn’t acquire the coach, which they eventually did.

Here’s what Simmons says:

To Chris Paul, who basically told the Clippers that after they squashed the first incarnation of their Doc Rivers trade. Chris didn’t like that. He let them know he was heading to Houston to team up with Dwight. And he wasn’t kidding. For about 36 hours, Morey probably felt like all 11 guys in Ocean’s Eleven. You know what happened next: The Clippers blinked, the Doc trade got revived and finished, and the Clippers were offering Chris 107 million reasons to play for him. Crisis averted. The lesson, as always: Chris Paul runs the Clippers.

This report jives with what we’ve previously written. We posted a story in June that said the Clippers re-engaged the Celtics in trade talks for Rivers because CP3 pressured them. The talk all throughout the offseason was that Paul wanted the Clippers to get rid of Vinny Del Negro as coach, though he was angry with those rumors getting out.

The real interesting part of this report is that CP3 was threatening to join Dwight Howard in Houston. That means Howard knew in June that he was going to sign with the Rockets. It also means the report that Paul and Howard were talking about teaming up is true. It also means what everyone already knew: the Clippers are at CP3’s mercy.

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  • deej

    This is no surprise. CP3 and “Dwightmare” discussed this at the end of the season. CP3 did not want Dwightmare to stay with the Lakers and did all he could to convince Dwightmare to leave LA in part because CP3 wants the Clippers to be “the team” in LA and did not want Dwightmare to help but “hurt” the Lakers. Soon Doc will see that CP3 is an evil diva just like the one he left in Boston. Many take CP3’s seemingly ‘nice boy’ demeanor to be him; trust me, it is not! The Clippers had real “issues” last year that was never reported. CP3 was the little “general” and pushed players to do what he felt was the best way to win. It is also no surprise that all “backup” point guards are NO LONGER with the Clippers–no completion. Again, CP3 wants at all cost to be “da man.” Keep in mind Jordan and Blake have bus tracks on their backs over the summer due to CP3, yet he had Billups come out and say, “Blake is soft” as well as questioned Blake’s sexual orientation thus reports about whom Blake was dating over the summer.