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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Chris Singleton says it was either $10,000 on lottery tickets or blow it in the club

As you all know, last week’s Mega Millions jackpot sent everyone into a frenzy. Professional athletes did their part to contribute a solid chunk to the record-setting pot that climbed to a whopping $656 million. Three winning tickets were sold — none of which went to Chris Singleton, Matt Kemp, Michael Huff, or any other athlete who tweeted about the thousands they dropped on the lotto. Despite that, Singleton still believes the $10,000 he spent on Mega Millions tickets was a solid investment.

“Either that or blow it in the club,” Singleton said Monday according to the Washington Post.

And that’s the type of mindset that leads to the tragic tales of professional athletes blowing through their millions of dollars faster than a kid goes through his $15 allowance in a candy store. Singleton has plenty of money to blow, so saving the $10,000 wasn’t an option. At least if you buy lottery tickets you have some chance of turning it into more money.  Poppin’ bottles in the club isn’t exactly an investment. Seems like sound reasoning to me.

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