Clippers to cover Lakers banners at Staples Center

Clippers banners

The Los Angeles Clippers are finally looking like the best basketball team in the city, and now they’re taking extra steps to cement their identity.

According to Orange County Register reporter Dan Woike, the Clippers will be covering Lakers banners inside Staples Center this season in an effort to give the arena more of a Clippers feel during home games.

As Woike and others photographed, there will be huge banners of the Clippers’ star players covering the banners that recognized the Lakers’ historical achievements, including championships won and retired jerseys. They’re also covering the Los Angeles Kings banners.

“I look at it as putting our guys up…this is our arena when we play … No disrespect to them,” new head coach Doc Rivers said, per Woike.

Woike also notes that there is much more Clippers signage in the building as a whole.

To give you an idea of what the Clippers are covering up, here’s how that banner area looks for Lakers and Kings games:

Lakers Kings banners Staples Center

The Clippers probably should have done this a while ago. It’s one of those things where it’s like “why didn’t they think of this before?” There is no disrespect there. Staples Center is their home and they have the right to make it their environment when they’re hosting games. They probably just didn’t think doing this until they became one of the better teams in the Western Conference.

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Photo: Twitter/Scratch_21

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  • deej

    Shouldn’t Doc and the Clipperetts be more concern about rings as oppose to banners? Oops sorry, they are “ringless.” I suppose they should think more of banners…lmao And Doc, trust me, the Lakers have too much class to argue with you about “banners.” If you were not attempting to “disrespect” the Lakers, why even say that…just saying.

  • Name

    Maybe the rest of the NBA would buy your “Lakers have class” comment if their idiot fans had any respect for common sense. What the fk is wrong with you axxholes anyway?