Cuban Tampering with Finley?

The fact that the NBA is even “looking into” comments made by Mark Cuban about Michael Finley on Tuesday is almost kind of crazy when you think about it. Either that, or I am blinded by my undying love of Cubes. Check it out:

Cuban said he was rooting for Finley, 34, to win the NBA championship and added, I would hope that after his contract is over in San Antone, he would consider the Mavs as an option. I don’t know that he would, but our entire organization has that much respect for him.

Team officials are prohibited from commenting on other teams’ players who are under contract.

It was just meant to be a compliment to Mike and to surprise people that I was rooting for the Spurs, Cuban said Wednesday. We can’t sign him for a while due to the amnesty provision, which to me meant tampering couldn’t be an issue.

I dunno, seems pretty harmless to me. What’s wrong with throwing that comment out there? Seems like the league’s over-sensitive to issues like this. Luckily they are only looking at the comments right now. If they actually reprimand, then I’ll really be upset.

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  • Jeff

    To say I am not a fan of David Stern and the NBA is putting it nicely. David Stern was relevant back in the 80’s and early 90’s, but if Cuban is reprimanded, people should start screaming for David Stern’s head. Like Cuban’s comments are really going to make Finley say, “oh wow, I should sign with the Mavs”. Its like saying Cuban is tampering if he would say that he really likes Dwayne Wade, and hopes he’ll become a Mav after his contract expires with the Heat. Its just talk, its not an agent telling his player that he already has a tip from a different club that they’ll offer him more money ala JD Drew.

  • http://www.larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    I agree, there’s a big difference. They truly are sensitive.

  • Gene

    David Stern should spend more time figuring out how to deal with the Robert Horry-Steve Nash incident than trying to nail Mark Cuban again.

    Cuban has enough problems, what with his team’s flameout against the Golden State butchers.