Dwight Howard switching superhero nicknames from Superman to Iron Man

Dwight Howard has already switched teams, and now he apparently wants to switch nicknames.

The new Lakers center said on Time Warner Cable’s Lakers telecast Sunday night that he wants to change superhero nicknames from “Superman” to “Iron Man.”

According to OC Register Lakers reporter Kevin Ding, Howard was suggested the nickname over Twitter and considered it for days. He is likely changing nicknames to avoid looking like he’s copying Shaq’s style.

Howard and Shaq have numerous similarities. The two were both dominant centers drafted by the Orlando Magic. Both moved on from Orlando to play with the Lakers. Both went by the Superman nickname.

Shaq has called out Howard several times, even pointing out that his nickname was ripped off. Howard offered to change nicknames to Batman in 2010, but that never materialized.

The funny thing is that despite all Howard’s efforts to avoid looking like he’s copying Shaq, he really is following in The Big Fella’s footsteps. And in a move that is a microcosm of Howard’s numerous P.R. blunders, the nickname he wants to switch to is one of a former Laker.

Former Lakers forward A.C. Green was known as “Iron Man” for playing in a record 1,192 straight games. He identifies with the nickname so much that his Twitter handle is “NBA_Ironman.”

When told that Green is “Iron Man,” Howard reportedly was disappointed.

“Aw, man. There’s nothing new under the sun!” he said.

Typical Dwight: Even when he’s trying to do something for a good reason, he still ends up looking bad.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1616769187 Nor Muss Estudillo

    Why not just call your self    ‘The Avenger ”   it is the combined superhero with different talent and power which is what you are, or will be that you are now a Lakers.


    Why Don’t you call yourself the “Joker”——because those of us
    who watched you play in Orlando, know how lazy you are….  Howard
    is normally the only player walking on the court…the others are
    running….  Good luck with that one Lakers…  True colors always
    appear in time…

  • CaliMoFo7

    IRON MAN?!?!  Ripken was the Iron Man because he never sat-out a game.  Howie is out on a regular basis.  How is the hell does he think he is an Iron Man?  Maybe he will be ironing Kobe’s laundry.  Go easy on the steam and he likes his creases sharp and straight.

    I like Tin Man better.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Colin-Ziolkowski/100001757402268 Colin Ziolkowski

    Dwight Howard is one of the most overrated players in the NBA. I know people think Shaq is stupid for saying Bynum is better than Howard. But he’s right! Andrew Bynum is just scratching the surface of how good he could be. Remember that he was the 3rd option on the Lakers and his #’s are not far behind Howards, who was the #1 option on the Magic. With Drew in Philly, I think he’ll up his ppg average by at least 6 to 8 points a night. All his #’s will probably improve. All Howard is, is a generic Shaq who’s not as good of a scorer. Howard only dunks,blocks shots, and rebounds! He can’t shoot FF or anything longer than 10 feet and his only skill is defense. He’s arrogant and a team Cancer that I hope never ever wins an NBA title! I also think when healthy, Andrew Bogut is also a better all around player. Both Bogut and Bynum bring something to the table offensively where Howard does not. GO BUCKS!!

  • Jonathan Rodil

    Um let me get this straight… You’re saying that the best big man at running the floor, who’s a 3 time defensive player of the year,  who has always played with 100% on both ends is lazy? Well we’re more than happy to take him off your hands. Lakernation stand uppppp!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Augustus-Howard/100000464194214 Augustus Howard

    COLIN, HOW STUPID CAN YOU BE. YOU SAY DWIGHT ONLY DUNKS, BLOCKS SHOTS AND REBOUNDS. IDIOT, THIS CAUSED HIM TO BE BEST DEFENSIVE PLAYER IN THE LEAGUE FOR three straight Years!! What have Bynum and Lopez done to compare to that!! NOTHING!! Shaq is made fun of by those in the know like Charles Barkely, so your saying Shaq is smart is a bad reflection upon you!! Well, your dissing will not take away from Dwight making 15 million per season, so he could care less!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dante-Reeder/100002590784673 Dante Reeder

    Dwight is far from Lazy he is a 3 time defensive player of the year and bring in over 1,000 Rebounds per season offensively he isn’t all that bad but if he had a jumper or something more then around the basket this guy would be deadly. Well as far as a nickname he should just be simply D12 or Juggernaut