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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Dwyane Wade has his toenails painted black for Game 5

From wearing capri pants, absurdly skinny jeans and shoes with no socks, to being called a “Groomzilla” by his fiancee, we already knew Dwyane Wade was a “metrosexual” to put it generously. But were you aware of his toenail painting habit?

Three years ago we passed along a quote from Wade about the first time he asked for black nails during a pedicure.

Wade says he always has his toenails painted black, but there was still a stir when ESPN’s Brian Windhorst tweeted the following before Game 5 of the NBA Finals Sunday:

You could see how people would be rolling their eyes over that one.

Dwyane Wade black toenails

When Wade shared a photo on Twitter of his black toenails a few years ago (seen above), he called it “Rockstar” ish. He better play like a rock star for the Heat, otherwise they’re toast.

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