Dirty Dwyane Wade kicks Ramon Sessions in groin (Video)

dwyane-wade-ramon-sessionsDwyane Wade may be the sneakiest dirty player in the NBA. Wade has a clean-cut image that obscures how unsportsmanlike he behaves on the court.

Wade doesn’t just do what he can to win; he will actually injure an opponent if he has to. We’ve seen that time and time again. His actions on Wednesday were just the latest in an alarming pattern of dirty plays he’s committed.

During the Heat-Bobcats game on Wednesday, Wade kicked Charlotte guard Ramon Sessions in the groin for absolutely no reason:

Don’t even try to tell me that was accidental. Wade did it intentionally probably figuring he could get away with it — and he did. He was not called for a foul.

“I thought he did it on purpose,” Sessions said after the game.

What’s scary is that Wade pulls this type of move constantly. Remember Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals in 2011 when Wade pulled down Rajon Rondo, resulting in a dislocated elbow?

Or what about last season’s Eastern Conference Semifinals when Wade trucked Darren Collison from behind on a fast break?

Or how about when Wade laid into Rip Hamilton in April, pushing the Bulls guard with full force:

Still not convinced? Wade gave Kobe a broken nose and mild concussion during the All-Star Game with this dirty foul:

Dwyane Wade is definitely the dirtiest player in the NBA that nobody talks about. I don’t care how much money he pays his publicists to get him phony awards like “Father of the Year,” or how fashionable he fancies himself. He must be doing all that as a cover-up. I think these five videos tell you a lot more about him than any of that other garbage. He’s such a good player, it’s a real shame he has to stoop to this level.

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  • Danny Rodriguez

    Complete over exagerating on nothing.
    1. Sessions clearly fouled Wade one the dribble and everyone can speculate but no one will know for sure if it was intentional or not
    2. Seriously. Wade losses the ball and try going after it with Rondo practically choking him. Of course you are going to fall over
    3. Fast break fouls happen all the time. Just ask Wade himself he has been on the receiving end more times than most players in the league
    4. Rip Hamilton clearly elbows him in the chest to try and get seperation and Wade losses his cool. Is that some kind never before seen action by a player?
    5. Wade got beat and went for the foul to prevent the lay-up. Once again ask either Wade or Kobe they have both been on receiving end of these fouls more than any others in the league.

    Completely overblown ridiculousness. I can make a similar list for must any other superstar in the game

  • ladycal

    The main reason for all of the frustrations on the basketball court is the fault of the refs. The refs need to do their job and do it fairly and with consistency.  They need to quit accepting bribes and showing favoritism toward certain players on the floor.   It isn’t fair to repeatedly call fouls on certain players and not the same calls on other players simply due to their dislike for some players.   The calls should be called fairly with all players.   Call the games as it should be called according to the actions of the players and not according to preference of a certain player.   This is the main problem in all sports, not just basketball.  I have seen it time and time again.   The refs or unpires have the power to lose the game or win the game for the teams.   This is what causes a lot of frustrations with athletes.   Some players  appear to be disciplined more severely than others also.    There is partiality with the refs with certain teams and players w hich can cause unnecesstary fights and cheap shots.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1811143157 Tole Kotzambasis

    So where’s the Article about Rondo and his encounters with other players??

  • http://www.facebook.com/sen.simile Sen Simile

    Glad to see I’m not the only one to notice that D Wade plays dirty.  Most NBA players have little tricks that they use to take advantage but D Wade tries to hurt people and then swears he didn’t do it.  It doesn’t matter how much he denies it, the camera doesn’t lie.  He’s dirty and it diminishes his talent.

  • http://twitter.com/ballhog1000 Wild man

    viedo don’t lie

  • http://twitter.com/darconjames darcon james

    is not every time you can play a clean game ,some times things do happen ,and its a game every one is playing to win ,so let the game go on ,dont try to instigate nothing

  • Bobby Dodd

    5 fouls in 9 years…yeah he’s dirty player alright. HATER. if you don’t have a few flagrant fouls on your record, then you’re not trying hard enough!