Dwyane Wade banned Gabrielle Union from sitting courtside at his games (Video)

Dwyane Wade’s girlfriend Gabrielle Union may look sweet and innocent, but don’t let the looks fool you.

During an interview on “Conan,” Union, who is an actress, said Wade won’t let her sit courtside at his basketball games anymore because she is a vicious heckler.

Union admitted she becomes really into the games and that her heckling is not limited to the opposing team. Not only will she sometimes heckle the Heat, but she says she also goes pretty hard after the refs.

Union says she gave it pretty good to referee Dick Bavetta, telling him during a recent game, “blow your whistle and you get your Viagra!”

This woman is incredible. She should be available for hire as a professional heckler. And what is it about people close to Wade getting into trouble at games?

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  • Anonymous

    Just another skank NBA girlfriend, what a surprise. Wade is also supposely cleant cut but ghetto does not leave him. Forearm yesterday for flagrant one to Bulls’ player low class and shows Heat don’t have confidence to beat Bulls without cheapshots.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001562299337 Jose Klatter

    Are you still there idiot? You are a butt-hurt troll. You know that the Bulls doesn’t have it to beat the Heat in a 7 game series. Even struggling the Heat almost got that third game in Chicago if wasn’t for that luck three at the buzzer. Come back moron.

  • Anonymous

    she has weird teeth