Shaq Traded to Phoenix? Can the Suns Run on Diesel?

If ever passing a physical were a challenge, this would certainly be the case. Usually (as in the Johan Santana case) it’s a gimme. A piece of cake. But here they’re saying that passing the physical is the hangup between Shaq getting traded from the Miami Heat to the Phoenix Suns for Marcus Banks and Shawn Marion. Yeah, that’s kinda a big deal. Not such a given when it comes to the fossil that Shaq is. So how about this for a sec, how the hell is Shaq going to fit in with that run and gun style of Phoenix? And how the hell will they afford his $40 million contract over the next two years. What the eff are they thinking?

By getting rid of Banks that’s like $5 mil a year off the books. Marion was set to make around $18 mil in an option next year that Phoenix didn’t have to pick up. Instead, they’re now adding $20 million with Shaq. That’s ludicrous. I just can’t even fathom a move like this. Shaq hasn’t been healthy, hasn’t been productive, and his team hasn’t won. What could he possible have to offer? I just don’t get this move, I really don’t. Nice going by Miami though — at least they unloaded an assload of salary off their books. It’s not like Shaq was an asset to them any longer. Wow, I just can’t wrap my arms around this deal at all. The Lakers’ acquisition of Pau Gasol must have everyone in the West dirtying their huggies BIGTIME. How else can you explain it?

(chest bump to Anders(on) Varejao with the assist on the story)

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  • Gene

    I usually agree with your takes, but this time I think you are way off base.

    The Suns management knew that they would never win a title with their present lineup. They have no defensive post presence and, in the playoffs, could not begin to match up with the Lakers’ Bynum and Gasol, as well as the Spurs’ and Mavs’ frontcourts. Marion wanted out, and Banks is a nonfactor. The Mavs were also interested in Shaq, and that deal would have hurt the Suns’ playoff chances as well.

    That being said, we agree that Shaq is out of shape and over the hill. Nevertheless, he requires double teams and opens up opportunities for teammates in the half court offense. Stoudemire can go back to power forward, where he is more effective, and Nash will find any unguarded teammates. Shaq doesn’t have to run the court on the fast break, but in the playoffs, the game slows down considerably into a half court perimeter game.

    Shaq also has a history of wanting to show up his old team. Look at his first years in Miami and LA. He only has to play hard for a few months to give the Suns a shot at the title. You can bet that he wants to make Kobe, Jerry and Mitch look bad, not to mention Pat Riley.

    He may not pass a physical, in which case the deal won’t happen, but I think it is a good gamble for the Suns because without him they are going no place in the western conference playoffs and their window of opportunity is rapidly going to close.

  • http://www.thehotroute.blogspot.com Chris

    This deal works for the Suns by giving them a defensive presence and shoring up some locker room issues. Also, Nash and company are good enough offensively to make sure Shaq does not slow down their attack.

    good move by the Suns.

  • http://UCLAradio.com The Driver

    naw…Shaq will just clog the middle on offense and bynum and duncan will school him on the defensive end. The only reason the Suns did this is because it gives them a 1% chance winning it all instead of a 0% chance. Lakers or Spurs win the west.

  • Anders(on) Varejao

    Shaq certainly does not require a double team anymore. Phil Jackson doesn’t even double Duncan, he’s certainly not gonna double Shaq.

    His defensive presence is limited to just being a big body. When he was in his prime he could block and change some shots, but you have to be able to get off the ground to be able to do that consistently.

    Even when Shaq was in his prime he was never an elite rebounder and he could never defend the pick and roll.

    The Suns just traded away their only elite defender. Shaq will be spending most of his time on the bench after the quick point guards in the West burn Nash, get into the paint and get to the line.

    Maybe he’s rejuvinated in PHX, but I doubt it.

  • http://maxsportz.com maxsportz

    The suns had to do something different to get out of the west . Is this the thing maybe not but it is worth a shot as Marion wanted out anyway. i think they would have done better to get an enforcer to take care of the crap the Spurs pulled last year. Is Rick Mahorn available?

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