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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Isiah Finally Needs to be Fired

Actually, check that. I don’t know where I’d get my entertainment if not for the Knicks and their debacles. Thursday night might have been an all-time low for Isiah’s boys — on the court, at least. (caveat: since the brawl with Captain Limpwrist at the Garden). The Bricks got pummeled 104-59, getting outscored by Boston’s first team, second stringers, and even garbage-timers. Nothing went right for the Knicks. If it weren’t for a Nate Robinson three at the buzzer, it would’ve been the fewest points in team history since the implementation of the shot clock.

The Knicks embarrassed in every possible way. Their crappy play on the court matched their erratic and troublesome behavior off of it. I don’t know how many lives Isiah gets to live with the Knicks, but you can’t fire all the players for stinking up the joint.  Follow me?  The man is ultimately responsible for how his team plays from day-to-day, and when the team he coaches gets blown out like that, trailing by 50 points at times, he should take the blame. The Knicks might not be a playoff team, but they also have no business struggling to score 50 in a game.  Their focus and effort is not at a respectable level, and Isiah is the man responsible for getting the maximum effort from his players.  For the embarrassment he’s caused the organization both on and off the court, Isiah Thomas needs to be fired.  Now.

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