Izzo Goes At it With a Reporter

Michigan State coach Tom Izzo managed to do a fairly good job of remaining quiet throughout the days when he considered moving on to the NBA to coach the Cleveland Cavaliers.  With all the speculation that surrounded the Spartans coach, I’m sure some frustration built up over the nine days in which he was undecided about his future.  Amongst all that was written about Izzo, one article seems to have really struck a nerve.  That article — titled “It’s Too Late For Tom Izzo To Return To Michigan State” — was written by Detroit News columnist Lynn Henning.  Henning was present for the Tom Izzo press conference on Tuesday night, and the coach let him know how he felt about his reporting.  Check out the audio of Tom Izzo and reporter Lynn Henning arguing for ten minutes during the coach’s press conference to announce he’s staying:

I really don’t see anything wrong with Izzo exploring the option of coaching at the NBA level.  He was offered an annual salary worth double what he makes at Michigan State.  He has a family to worry about.  I’m sure Michigan State has been good to him over the years, but to say it’s “too late” for him to return as the Spartans head basketball coach just for exploring a position that would have paid him $6 million a year at a higher level is completely ridiculous.

Of course the decision had a lot to do with LeBron James, but he didn’t bash the program or come out and say he was offered a better position.  Izzo did what any human would do — weighed his options and made a decision.  I highly doubt there’s anyone in Spartan country that isn’t happy to have him back for the long haul.

Better Than Game 6 of the NBA Finals: Tom Izzo News Conference [The Sporting Blog]
Video/Audio Credit: YouTube user mrbigfatbrowndonkey

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  • Kevin/Indianapolis

    As a Detroit sports fan, I side completely with Izzo here. Lynn Henning often throws ideas and opinions into his columns and presents them as if they are facts. Though talented with words, his style can be a bit rude and shoddy. Izzo is impressive with this rebuttal.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Izzo’s decision was a unique one because of the opportunity to coach LeBron James. He handled it well and explored it the way any sensible person would. He also did a better job than most coaches would keeping the media in the loop. Henning’s premise was absurd and overly dramatic.