Jarrett Jack thinks Ray Allen is a ‘traitor’ for choosing the Heat

After taking a few days to consider his options, Ray Allen decided to join the Miami Heat.

Allen spent the past five seasons in Boston and helped the Celtics reach two NBA Finals and win one championship. Although he was a free agent, many NBA observers — and Celtics fans in particular — feel that Allen betrayed Boston by signing with the team that beat them in the playoffs the past two seasons. Even Hornets guard Jarrett Jack chimed in with his opinion:

There is little doubt that the fan jersey burning will soon commence in Boston and that fans are hurt that Allen chose to sign with the Celtics’ biggest conference rival. But what did they expect?

We passed along a report in April that said Allen felt slighted by the Celtics and unsure if he wanted to return after the season. He was nearly traded to the Grizzlies, and he was benched in favor of Avery Bradley. On top of that, his relationship with Rajon Rondo was reportedly strained. All signs have been pointing toward Allen signing with the Heat, and it probably became even more enticing for him once LeBron James and the Heat started recruiting him as hard as they did.

Yet, despite all that, Allen was said to be “torn” between signing with the Heat and returning to Boston.

It’s easy for Jack to label Allen a “traitor” as an outsider, but he might feel differently had he been in Allen’s shoes this whole time.

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  • Anonymous

    Many people care, you may not. It’s a logical response to someone being called an ‘idiot.’ Sure you have ten Phds. And I am faster than Usain Bolt. Does not get any effin calls? He was second in the league in free throws taken for 2012. Stop before you make a further fool of yourself. If you had even one degree, you would have done your research.

  • http://twitter.com/Gf0urce Gforce

    Just making a point….as if I or anyone else here will believe you have any PhD’s.  If you had a brain you would realize he should get even more calls than he does, because he is hacked all the time. how about you watch some games then talk?

  • fdf1212

    And as if I care whether or not anyone on this site believes that I have a phd. With my degree in law and practicing attorney, I learned very quickly that people like you who resort to offending others do so because you have no leg to stand on, e.g. no decent argument or logic. I have watched plenty of games. You just don’t want to accept the FACTS I pointed out, to wit, that LBJ was second in 2012 in free-throws taken. Not biased opinions, like yours, UNDISPUTED FACTS. Since you obviously have an anger problem, are offensive, and write as if I am insulting your family member, I shall not even read any additional responses from you. I actually work for a living. You?