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Monday, March 30, 2015

Jason Richardson Sneaks Onto Court Mid-Play to Guard Celtics Player (Video)

Magic guard Jason Richardson noticed that his team only had four players on the floor at one point during the third quarter of Monday night’s loss to the Celtics, so he jumped off the bench mid-play and guarded Boston center Greg Stiemsma. Richardson knocked the ball out of Stiemsma’s hands, but it went out of bounds. Apparently what happened is J.J. Redick was supposed to check in for Richardson, but he didn’t alert the scorer’s table, so he was forced to go back to the bench until the next stoppage. Richardson thought Redick was in the game, but once he realized Redick was on the bench, he sneaked onto the court for the play. Here’s the video:

If J-Rich had seen the Raiders-Texans game earlier this season, he would have known that five players weren’t necessary to play effectively.

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