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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Jeremy Lin says it’s weird seeing his face on every website

Jeremy Lin has already become popular across the globe. For someone who went from bench player to international superstar in a span of two weeks, Lin is handling his rise to fame quite well. But even he admits all the new attention is a little weird.

“I would just say logging onto my computer … when I get on the computer, I go to ESPN, I go to NBA, I go to Yahoo! Sports, I go to all these sites … and now I go there and I see my own face and I’m just like ‘Whoa, what’s going on,'” Lin told The Michael Kay Show. “I guess that’s the weirdest thing [about my popularity].”

Very few people have the ability to relate to Lin on the matter. The demands for his time and attention must be tremendous right now, yet he’s managed to stay focused on basketball. You don’t see him in commercials or doing tons of interviews yet. He’s handling his media obligations before and after games and going out and winning. Oh yeah, and he’s on the front of many websites these days, regardless of whether they’re sports or straight news. That must be weird for someone who was only regarded as a local hero in NorCal until now.

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