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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Kevin Garnett: Charlie Villanueva Is a Nobody, Not Paying Attention to Him

If you thought the “clarification” of Kevin Garnett’s comments and Doc Rivers’ support would be the end of the cancer patient trash talk saga, you were wrong. Asked by a pot-stirring reporter about the situation following Boston’s overtime win over Chicago, KG kept his mouth motoring:

Charlie Villanueva may be a nobody on a nobody team, but it still doesn’t make what Garnett said alright. And if KG considers Villanueva a nobody, why was he wasting words and time on the man?

Honestly though, that reaction is indicative of Garnett’s mentality. KG is a successful player in large part because of his confidence. He talks himself up and prepares himself mentally with his words. Likewise, he talks his opponents down to give himself an edge. Garnett may be wrong, and he probably knows it, but he won’t admit it until he retires. You want to know why? Because he can’t go soft and lose that mental edge. Once he loses that, he’ll be completely done.

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