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Friday, June 22, 2018

Kevin Love shaved his mustache and beard and looks like a little kid (Picture)

When Kevin Love shaved the beard last week and left nothing but the mustache, you had to wonder how long he was going to keep the look. The answer is less than a few days.

Love showed up at practice on Saturday with the mustache shaved, startling his teammates and the media that covers the team.

“Ok, he doesn’t look like a mexican anymore but I think he looks even worst… Here is our superstar,” Ricky Rubio wrote, in a fairly racist tweet.

“He looks like he’s about 12 years old,” coach Rick Adelman said. “I don’t think anybody recognized him.”

So why did Love decide to shave the ‘stache?

“I was going to keep it, but I couldn’t look in the mirror and see my dad every time,” Love said.

Congrats Kevin, and now you can look forward to getting carded at every bar and club you go to the next few months.

Photo via Ricky Rubio

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