Kobe Bryant: Martial Arts Master?

Apparently Kobe Bryant trains in a discipline called jeet kune do, which was developed by none other than Bruce Lee. In the video, Kobe says he’s good enough to kick your ass, making you wonder why he even needed a bodyguard in the first place. Video evidence courtesy of none other than Elie Seckbach:

Jeet kune do is all about visualizing where your opponent will go next, and trying to beat him to the punch. Sounds like a pretty good practical application for playing basketball. I doubt it has much of an impact on Kobe’s game, but it’s still pretty cool. Hey, gotta figure if it works for Bruce Lee, it has to be pretty good, right?

(via Seattle PI)

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  • http://www.whothaman.com Peter


    A little correction if I may,

    Jeet Kune Do is the art of fluid movement. It is the art of shedding all forms and taking on all forms at the same time. Direct line to the target, the most effiicient form of fighting. It has lineage toward Tai Chi Chuan.

    It is not at all about “visualizing where your opponent will go next, and trying to beat him to the punch” that’s actually quite impossible. Yes, anticipation is a part of it, but it’s every martial art teaches that. It’s actually about reacting in the most direct manner, not adhering to any forms or styles, but doing the most efficient movement to counteract and act.