Kobe Rips on Derrick Rose’s Adidas Crazy Light Shoes (Video)

Once upon a time, Kobe Bryant was an Adidas guy. Midway through his career, he switched to Nike, and he’s become quite the ferocious pitchman. In fact, he’s taking his dedication to the swoosh so seriously that he’ll even rip his enemy endorsers if he has to. Check out this video of Kobe knocking Derrick Rose’s Adidas light shoes taken at Kobe’s basketball camp:

It really looks like Kobe went out of his way to rip Adidas there. Though you have to figure, after all the great publicity Adidas got from players wearing those neon yellow shoes at the All-Star game, it’s even now. Seriously Kobe, keep in mind how your shoe looks. Do you have a right to rip anyone else’s kicks? Probably not.

Video courtesy kb24la2010 on YouTube via Sorry Bro Sports

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  • http://profiles.google.com/libido069 dave provido

    Your article should’ve read: Once upon a time Kobe was an Adidas guy, then he RAPED a girl, lost his endorsement, and switched to Nike. His gremlin shoes this Xmas was FUGLY.

  • Anonymous

    What’s the deal with the attempt at negative press on Kobe in the last week?  Is the Lebron camp upset that their boy has been treated unfairly lately, and paying for some bad Kobe publicity??  This one is ridiculous…

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    You have it backwards. Kobe’s the one who went after Rose, not the other way around

  • Anonymous

    My point is that this video takes a harmless incident on video and makes Kobe out to be an a-hole.  It’s manipulative garbage.  He was clearly messing around and had no intention of taking a jab at D-Rose.