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Friday, May 25, 2018

LeBron James holds his own dunk contest after practice (Video)

LeBron-dunk-contestLeBron James has never participated in the NBA Slam Dunk Contest, which has left more than a few fans disappointed over the years. LeBron is one of the most athletic players in the game and could be the best dunker in the league. On Monday night, he gave us all a sample of what we have been missing.

LeBron threw down a few nasty dunks after practice as his teammates looked on and caught the action on camera. He obviously knew footage was being taken and would be uploaded to social media, so you know King James loves the attention. I’m sure he also likes the attention he gets from people begging him to do the dunk contest every year.

“The dunk contest [with James] would be one of the most watched events, besides the Grammys, of the year,” DwyaneWade said via ESPN.com’s Miami Heat Index. “I get to see a lot of his dunk contests behind the scenes and I get amazed with some of the things he can do.”

If you needed any further proof that LeBron is a freak athlete, this video should provide it. Some of those dunks were incredibly difficult, and he made them all look easy. When asked about the dunk contest, LeBron had a simple response.

“I’d win it,” he said.

We already knew LeBron can jump so high he nearly hits his head on the rim. But if Magic Johnson’s offer didn’t convince him to participate in the annual slamfest, nothing will.

Video via Sports 360 AZ

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