LeBron James did not appreciate fan trying to snatch his headband (Video)

Fan LeBron headbandLeBron James was cool when a fan in Cleveland ran onto the court last week, but the Miami Heat star had a totally different reaction when a fan tried to snatch his headband in Chicago.

As LeBron was exiting the court at the United Center Wednesday following his team’s 101-97 streak-ending loss to the Bulls, a fan leaned over the railing by the tunnel and tried snatching the Heat forward’s headband.

James’ hairline has been the topic of much ridicule the past few years, so there are probably plenty of jokes about how he feared getting exposed. But who wouldn’t have a bad reaction to some stranger reaching out and trying to grab something off your head when you’re just passing by to get to the locker room? Maybe that fan was just trying to help him/herself to a great souvenir.

Video via @cjzero

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  • mar

    didn’t try to snatch it…he just wanted to reveal lebron’s receding hairline after a hilarious defeat