LeBron James thought his ‘Hi Haters’ Slam Magazine cover was ‘epic’ (Picture)

LeBron James is on the cover of the September edition of SLAM Magazine. James is pictured wearing a championship T-shirt and holding a trophy from after the Heat won the NBA title. The big message on the magazine cover is “Hi Haters!”

The message seems to set a tone that the magazine will explore some of the hate LeBron received from the media. It’s a childish saying, but it’s the type of message that will entice LeBron fans to purchase the magazine. But what about LeBron? You figure he’d distance himself from such a vindictive title, right? Not so — he’s actually embracing it.

James tweeted a picture of the magazine cover and gave SLAM a shoutout. He accompanied his tweet with “#epic.”

Fair enough — LeBron earned the opportunity to slam his haters. But then he went totally overboard by tweeting this message immediately after. Yeah, LeBron was definitely feeling himself on Tuesday night.

Be careful, LeBron. Winning a title helped you gain a lot more fans, but nobody likes an arrogant champion. It’s all about being humble. Remember that.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Christopher-Bell/1063326951 Christopher Bell

    Lebron has been humble.  I don’t remember him being the editor of SLAM?

  • http://twitter.com/B_Koool Brian Sadler

    Lebron posed for a photo……the magazine put that label on the cover, not Lebron.  The photo is epic by the way. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/2RHDNIWAF5IU3DFNREXBO4C5AA Ioannes

    Lebron has been EPIC!

  • http://www.facebook.com/Sebas.Quinchia Sebastian Quinchia

    Nobody likes an arrogant champion *cough* Michael Jordan *cough* The definition of a trash talker and a damn good one at that

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/34BHEC3OJVALKKP4D7ESRTOH7Q Mildred Greenpastures

    Guess you are one of the haters Sebastian, Lebron earned what he got, kudos to Lebron, we strong supporters of yours love u, tough luck Seb

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EBPN3P4Q5KOMUXH7V6FUS53FJ4 Yelitza

    Larry Brown, it appears to me that you are one of the haters…LeBron and the entire Heat team have been nothing but humble and classy.  Just accept it already, they won and they deserved it.  Move on.

  • Anonymous

    I can honestly say that I can not think of a single champion that wasn’t arrogant

  • Jason SkyWalker

    Larry Brown there is nothing in any of Lebron’s behaviour that has been arrogant. He has been classy all the way through this year while his haters have been waaaaaay oveboard. All he did was make a comment on something someone did to defend him, and he is right the picture is #EPIC!

  • http://twitter.com/livewell614 Live Well

    Everybody likes a trash talker… who can back it up.

  • Courtney Robb

    OMG people please stop.   Personally, I love the cover of SLAM magazine.  LeBron did not edit this magazine cover & if he did so what.  There are definitely LeBron haters out there starting with most of the people whom say they do not like the cover of the magazine.  Also, please do not bring up Michael Jordan’s name because obviously some people have selective memory.  LeBron has said about three things that were unwarranted or bad PR comments.  MJ said what he wanted to say, when he wanted to say it, did not apologize for it, was not asked to apologize for it.  MJ trash talk compared to LeBron bad PR moves is like a hill to a mountain.  The Miami Heat has won a championship they earned from their lost in the championship to Dallas to the night Miami Heat won LeBron his first of many championship rings.

  • Thomas Rayhawk

    You mean he doesn’t trash his teammates over and over and over again? um kobe…you mean after the unmatched hate and undeserved crap that no athlete has ever had to endure and then coming out on top wasnt’ rude? You mean when you break down, clutch stats that (and folks check kobe’s actual clutch stats) of his vs. Kobe Lebron is actual not a choker but more clutch than I’ll take 70 shots a game because I’m the most selfish player in the NBA whose never had less than a stellar team around him unlike lebron in Cleveland? In other words – I agree 100% Lebron is a good person, admits faults, and as van gundy said in the finals “I don’t understand the hate for the guy” and “It IS UNFAIR” he was spot on. LONG LIVE THE KING. Great Ambassador for the game and sole reason I started watching the NBA again Post-Jordan.