Metta World Peace gets controversial flagrant foul for shove (Video)

Metta World Peace received a controversial flagrant foul at the end of the first half of Game 5 between the Lakers and Thunder on Monday night. Metta went for the block on Thabo Sefolosha with his right arm, but with his left he shoved the Thunder guard. After hearing that he was called for a flagrant, he exploded on the ref and yelled in his face “That is bull___!” netting him a technical foul for berating a ref.

GIF of Metta cussing is below:

Many people thought the flagrant foul call was wrong, beginning with TNT analyst Reggie Miller. The biggest argument from people who disagreed with the call is that it’s playoff basketball therefore fouls like that should be allowed.

The definition for a flagrant 1 foul is that it is “unnecessary contact committed by a player against an opponent.”

By that definition, World Peace committed a flagrant 1 foul. People are just upset because they don’t think calls like that should be made in the playoffs, and they feel World Peace was penalized because of his reputation. I think it was deserved and that people are missing the unnecessary shove he made with his left arm.

Video via Eye on Basketball
GIF via Gifulmination

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WT3AEOL7GSNAQXWRWRWKGYUE2M jeff s

    No, not upset because these plays shouldn’t be called in the playoffs.  Upset because it was a block (or just a clean foul).  The refs swung the game with their egos.

  • timothyemmerich

    it’s amusing to me that people somehow think world peace’s left arm did more than sefolosha’s own momentum in mid-air. despite what the letter of the law says, calls in basketball are somewhat relative. i’ve seen worse contact go without a foul called, let alone a flagrant.

  • Alan McManus

    the left forearm given by MWP Artest was clearly a dangerous and unnecessary aggression.  The left forearm was against an offensive player at the basket, in the air and defenseless to protect his fall.  The forearm not just makes contact but clearly is extended with force and intentionality in an effort to push the player from behind which it clearly does and which results in a potentially dangerous fall.  There is no conspiracy or singling out of MWP Artest here.  The play is not just a foul, but a flagrant-1.  That’s the rule.  The purpose of the rule is to protect players from unnecessary injuries.  There is no reason to have such a rule if it is not going to be employed in the very situations for which it was designed.  This is clearly seen on the videotape and to the referees it was clearly one of those situations.  It has nothing to do with the name on the jersey.  It has everything to do with the foul committed.  There is no controversy here.  The call was correct and the referees should be congratulated for getting it correct.  Anyone refusing to accept that fact is defending a person with a bias rather than objectively evaluating the actions and the clear video evidence.  Good call.  Anyone claiming to have seen worse contact go without a foul called, which may in fact be the case, is comparing a good call with a very bad no-call.  The standard should be the good call, not the bad no-call.

  • Kibosh

    @Ttimothyemmerich:disqus  and @yahoo-WT3AEOL7GSNAQXWRWRWKGYUE2M:disqus ‘s

     What are you two smokin’? Look at Thabo’s direction he’s traveling it clearly changes mid-air when Ron’s arm extends outward to push him from behind.

  • Kibosh

    Completely agree with you, I don’t know how Miller or anyone was trying to claim it was because of who he was and not because of the play in question. I had a strong feeling he was going to do something like this in this game because of who he was but it didn’t affect how I viewed the foul.

    It may have been a questionable foul had he just blocked Thabo but the push with the left hand is what makes it the flagrant foul; the guy is a joke.

    Is there a term equivalent to “bush league” for basketball?