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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Mike Woodson says his high school coach and Bob Knight had it out during a recruiting visit with his pastor present

Mike Woodson is one of many players, coaches, and basketball personalities that are a product of the great Bob Knight. Say what you will about Knight’s temper and the way he handles himself on ESPN, but there is no denying he’s one of the greatest coaches in sports history. Make no mistake about it, he was still the same Bob Knight back in the 1970s.

During a recent interview with the NY Post, Woodson shared some memories from the time Knight made a recruiting trip to his home in Indiana. Woodson’s high school coach, his mother, and his pastor were all present, but that didn’t stop Knight from finding himself in a heated exchange.

“Well it was, it was … it was a little hostile (laugh),” Woodson recalled. “My high school coach was there, my pastor of my church, my mom … My high school coach asked some questions — and I won’t even let you interview him (smile) — it got heated because my high school coach wasn’t too sure that’s where he wanted me to go. And I knew where I really wanted to go. And some words were exchanged, and our pastor kinda calmed everything down and said, ‘Hey, understand we’re under Ms. Woodson’s roof, and Mike Woodson’s future is at stake here, we’re here to discuss his future as far as going to school, and let’s be sensible here (laugh).’”

And wouldn’t you know it, Coach Knight got his way. You didn’t think a pastor and a mother would stop a guy who throws chairs onto the court from getting what he wants, did you?

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