NBA Store was selling a ‘Beat the Heat’ NBA Finals Thunder T-shirt (Picture)

It looks like the NBA Store jumped the gun yet again. For a brief period on Friday evening, a “Beat the Heat” Oklahoma City Thunder T-shirt (pictured above) was being sold on NBA.com. If you look carefully, you’ll notice an NBA Finals logo at the bottom of the shirt.

Even though the Thunder have already clinched a spot in the Finals, the problem is their opponent hasn’t been determined. The Heat and Celtics play Game 7 of the Eastern Conference finals on Saturday, so there’s no point for Thunder fans to already concentrate on beating the Heat.

For more context, it looks like the NBA Store has been offering shirts that target the Thunder’s specific opponents throughout the playoffs. In a Google cache of the NBA store URL offering the shirt (the link no longer works), the title of the shirt is “adidas Oklahoma City Thunder BEAT LA T-Shirt.” Take a look below:

The LA Lakers were the Thunder’s opponent in the Western Conference semifinals. I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but this isn’t even the NBA Store’s biggest blunder of the year. They need to watch themselves a lot more closely.

UPDATE: According to Alex Kennedy of HoopsWorld, the Celtics were using the shirts as motivation.

H/T The NBA Mistress via Black Sports Online

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  • Anonymous

    i think this is proof the games are rigged. amazing how many now of the series go to game 7 and crap like that. I have believed for a while some of the games are rigged. You just dont make shirts and hats pre made like that. I think its rigged. and has been for a long time

  • Robert N Davis

     I agree.  Just looking at the free throw differential in the last Spurs-Thunder series is proof enough. The Spurs were a lot more aggressive in the paint and yet the Thunder shot a lot more free throws. I imagine that whoever leaked the Finals shirt just might have saved the Celtics’ season. But then again, the NBA doesn’t seem to care that its playoffs appear rigged.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Companies plan ahead for both scenarios. The problem is NBA.com keeps screwing up by posting merchandise online before they should.

  • Anonymous

    Was your head in the sand homer? The Spurs had 10 more free throws in the series.  Bob your a whiner.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XBTJ54N7I5N5P4BOSCWCGE3CKY worldwide t

     Let’s see the other shirts that say “Beat the Celts”

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XBTJ54N7I5N5P4BOSCWCGE3CKY worldwide t

     753rwhp, you’re a hack at writing and are a meathead.  Attacking somebody for having an opinion only shows that he may be touching a chord.  He is allowed to criticize the NBA for putting on a circus on a court.  Keep your remarks on making your case otherwise, you meathead.

  • Anonymous

    That’s insane-rigged? How??? The Heat were favored to win and someone was just trying to make someearly money on t-shirts. Was it rigged that Rose and Noah went down with bad injuries? Miami barely beat Boston when you look at the whole season-the ‘over the hill, old guys’ everyone talked about ‘will be out in 4′  Well, the ‘old guys’ gave the “Kings” a good run for their money and now we can watch a real all-around MVP in Durant and a real ‘team’ blow them out of the water-hmm, maybe I’ll order one of these shirts ha ha!

  • Anonymous

    Besides, who would buy a shirt that said Beat the Celtics?- not many because Miami is the least liked team in the NBA-no rigging-just another good old fashioned American ‘ money making’ stunt..maybe it was an error releasing it early but I doubt it.. just playin off the odds and dislike of Miami..

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/LHDGFNRCB246UOPZ6PO6FRWN7A andrew

    Waaaaaaaa the Bulls will never see a Championship Finals  as long as Lebron is in Miami waaaaaaaaa.