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Friday, April 20, 2018

Sacramento Kings Have Two Employees Dedicated to Jimmer Fredette Jersey Sales

How popular is Jimmer Fredette? So popular that the Sacramento Kings need two full-time employees to help fulfill sales orders for his jersey.

“We’ve had to have two people working full-time on [Fredette’s] jersey [because of the demand],” Joe Maloof revealed to Sports Illustrated’s Sam Amick. “On the black jerseys, we had a bunch of them with no name on the back, so we had to have two people downstairs putting the name on the back of his jersey, working day and night to get as many out as we could.”

This isn’t much a surprise given that the Kings wasted little time promoting Jimmer from the moment he was drafted.

I think we’re going to see very quickly that Fredette is like the NBA’s version of Tim Tebow. Both were white superstars in college who had rockstar-like popularity. Both players had their abilities questioned around draft time. Both even have racehorses named after them.

Jimmer says he hasn’t been mobbed in Sacramento as much as he was in Utah, but he’s hoping to have success in the league which will likely change that. He had 12 points and 4 assists in the team’s preseason game Tuesday.

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