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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Scottie Pippen, Ruining Farmers Lives

This guy must be really hard-up for some cash. Remember all the talk this year about him making a comeback to the NBA? It was because the guy’s bankrupt. Upon announcing his plans to return to the league, creditors were lining up to collect from him like he was Worm leaving prison. As recently as 2005, he was negligent on paying legal fees. Obviously, Pippen has really been struggling. And get this, it looks like it’s led him to grabbing farm subsidies by the government, taking them away from real farmers:

Some of America’s rich and famous are padding their bank accounts with government money meant for working farmers.

NBA superstar Scottie Pippen got $289,000. Late Night host David Letterman got $8,000, but gave it to charity. Even the estate of the legendary penny pinching comedian Jack Benny got a bigger piece of the government pie than sheep farmer Leo Tammi.

Nearly two million farmers don’t get a penny, but one farmers’ group says the subsidies are vital.

That’s real sweet of you Scottie. Taking money away from farmers who need it. But I guess you do too. Why don’t you just lob a phone call to MJ asking for a few bones? Maybe he can hook you up with proceeds from the sales of a few jumpsuits or something. Let this also serve as a reminder to all you fans out there. Whenever you hear about an athlete making a comeback, your first instinct should be that the guy’s broke. Rodman, Tyson, Pippen — it’s all the same thing for these guys. Just something to keep in mind.

(thanks to the lovely Farkers for the story)

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